"I've never driven an ATV before!"

-Thomas to Ivo Hugh

Thomas was a tank engine who worked on the Ffarquhar Branch line. 

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

Connor recruited Thomas to assist him in finding 089. Thomas didn't do too much, as he had his branchline to attend to most of the time, but he did however use the Road-Rail Transporter in an effort to find the Portal, but this didn't work out well.

Season 2 Edit

Thomas assisted Ivo Hugh in assulting the Vicarstown Dieselworks where Diesel was arming his forces, but was injured in the process. Later Thomas and the others arrived on Tankopia via the Portal and stayed nearby it to gaurd a railway yard. The efforts were futile as Thomas was captured, but he was later saved by Scruff and Gold Leader. Thomas and the others later arrived on the Mainland and spied on D199 as he gave a speech. When the latter left, 089 explained that they needed to eliminate him. Thomas stayed with Connor after he was hurt, participated in a final battle, and attended Den's funeral.

Season 3 Edit

Thomas informed 089 and Lady of the events that transpired during their decade-long absence. The following day Thomas began helping Officer Brown in his efforts for tracking down the assassin. Thomas also attended a meeting at Knapford Station. He then assisted General Phoenix Brown in spying on and attackng Professor's Gang. Later, Thomas was ambushed and killed by Professor's Gang during one of his mail runs.



Season 1

• Crash of Destiny (indirectly mentioned) • Leaving the Mainland • Connor, Coal and Crashes • 00 Hugh • Betrayal Part 1 • Betrayal Part 2 • Connor V.S. Diesel • Retrieving the Map • The Quest Begins

Season 2

• The Diesel Army • Dedication • The Grudge • Journey Through the Moonlight • Steam Search Part 1 (intro only) • Steam Search Part 2 • Love and Magic • Strike it Where it Glows • Shafted • Battle of the Brave Brothers

Season 3

All of Thomas' third season appearances will be listed here once Season 3 is completed.

Season 4



  • Thomas is a main character in Quest 89, but not the main character, unlike the TV Series. This is because Nick felt that Thomas got too much screen time.
  • Thomas' shape has changed multiple times throughout the series
  • In the first season, Thomas was represented by a 2001 model
  • In The Diesel Army, Lights and Sounds Thomas was used in the majority of the epiosde, but was swaped for a 2003 Thomas with an alternate expression in one shot. Lights and Sounds Thomas returned in Dedication
  • A 2013 Thomas was used in a promo for the second half of the second season.
  • The 2003 Thomas has been used from the latter mentioned half of season two and is still being used.