"Is everyone okay?"

-Ivo Hugh to Thomas, Percy and Connor

The Quest Begins is the tenth episode of Quest 89. It is the tenth episode of the first season. 


Connor and the Tank Engine Trio arrive at The Vortex as 089 pops out. Before he can say anything, Connor's two worst enemies, Mr Railway Man and Diesel show up and admit they are working together. Since it's Christmas, they let Connor live one more day. The next morning while Connor is asleep, a fallen tree traps him in and explosives roll towards him. Ivo Hugh wakes him up and alerts him about the situation and Connor makes everyone flee. Connor survives the explosion because of his Heavier sheet of metal and the police show up to arrest Mr. Railway Man. Note: The ending of this episode is deemed non-cannon.





  • Thomas and Percy have different models in this episode. Thomas has a snowplow and Percy is a darker shade of green with shiny wheels.
  • A gingerbread house can be seen in the background.

The Quest Begins

The Quest Begins