The Origins of 089 is a 20 minute special that focuses on 089's backstory. 


089 has just been built at the factory to be shipped to Tankopia . Chance trains 089 , and shows him the ropes of a railway. But with the railway controller acting suspicious, engines dissapearing and dangerous weapons transported across frozen seas, 089 must discover the villans that Connor will face in his quest to save the world and to fulfill a eternal prophecy. With a brave band of friends and a vicious vile of villans, 089 will solve the mysteries of the LNER, and discover that not everyone in the world is good.

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  • Brendam Docks
  • Shunting Yard
  • Dieselworks



  • Tankopia Sheds
  • Mainline



  • When the Origins of 089 was first released, a copyrighted song from Rocky was used. But when Nick fixed this error, youtube muted the entire video. Nick didn't notice until almost a year later, and eventually fixed this issue.

The Origins of 089 was the first for a few things in Quest 89Edit

The Origins of 089 was also the last for a few things in Quest 89Edit


The Origins of 089 (Restored)-0

The Origins of 089 (Restored)-0

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