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"I only take orders directly from the Professor. No underling of his will order me about, understood?"


The Ones Who Know is the twenty-ninth episode of Quest 89


Part 1Edit

After joining Professor's Gang, Andy undergoes some minor repairs from a member of the game, Hatty. While this occurs, Spike attempts to train new members and yells at Metalchest, until the Professor emerges. The latter tells everyone to come with him, as he has the a devious assignment. They arrive at a junction near Suddery, and the Professor reveals that their mission is to kill an incoming steam engine and their crew. Hatty disables the signal so this is possible, and moments later, Thomas arrives...

The following morning, Justin Brown brings Stephen Hatt to the death site. The latter is blown away with depression, sorrow, and regret. Brown is also in shock, but in a different way, as he is overcome by a war flashback. Officer Cody helps him up and takes him to get a drink, while Hatt decides a temporary solution for his problem.

The next day, Flying Scotsman arrives, along with Stepney, at Brendam Docks. Hatt informs them that they are here to cheer the engines up during the crisis and keep their minds off the chaos, as not everyone was informed of the death. The engines head off, while Hatt goes to see more visitors at the other end of the dock. General Phoenix, along with his finest sharpshooters, Kate and Stan, arrive on a battleship to assist Stephen Hatt in personally eliminating the assassin. Phoenix also informs everyone that the assassin is his son. Stepney returns, now with coaches, blowing Stan away in the process, as he is a huge Stepney fan. The group heads off to find the assassin, while some underlings of his emerge from a warehouse. Spike, along with Fatman, Wirez and Metalchest, are on a mission to hijack a train and take the supplies to the Professor's boss, The Mastermind. Fatman kills a workman without using a silencer, angering Spike, Metalchest steps in, angering Spike even more, and eventually the two have a brief fist-fight, resulting in Spike landing in pile of pipes. Metalchest walks off, informing Spike that he will not be bossed around. Spike and the others, in shock, watch as their comrade walks off, as Spike states that he thinks Metalchest is about as strange as the assassin himself. 

Part 2Edit

Part 3Edit




  • The events of Bill or Ben? are referenced.


  • Much of the voice acting is inconsistent.
  • ​Metalchest says "membories" instead of "memories".