"Diesel may be defeated, by someone else has taken over"

- 089, to Lady and Gold Leader

The Grudge is the thirteenth episode of Quest 89.


Connor, Thomas, Percy, Harvey, and Gold Leaderarrive on Tankopia via The Portal, and they enter at a diesel supply yard . Two Salty clones arrive to collect so trucks and everyone hides. The engines then go on a search for 089, leaving Gold Leader alone at the base. 089 and Lady arrive to infrom him (Gold Leader) that Connor cannot find him and train util he is ready, the three then go off to a diesel base and see Mr. Railway Man and Denton. 089 and Lady become captured and Denton calls 089 his brother. (He ment that he sees  himself on the same power level as 089, but this foreshadows their relationship) Gold Leader escapes and finds Connor and Ivo Hugh, who are at another outpost . 4 Salty clones imediatly bust in with Mr. Railway Man and capture the two, leaving the heroes in a bad situation.





This episode was a first for a few things

  • The first episode to be filmed on a HD camera (iPhone 5s)
  • The first episode of Quest 89 uploaded in 2015


The Grudge (13)

The Grudge (13)

The Episode