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"Rule with me, Diesel Army!"


The Diesel Army is a massive army of modified, cloned and brainwashed diesels from Sodor in Quest 89.

Members Edit



  • Diesel (formerly, deceased)
  • Denton (formerly, turned to the good side, deceased)
  • D199 (formerly, deceased)
  • Scout General (deceased)


Other HelpersEdit


These diesels managed to escape the wrath of Mr. Railway Man before the brainwashing and are currently alive.


The Diesel Army are so far the only characters in Quest 89 to use weapons. Aside from brute force, the army used


Pre-The Origins of 089Edit

All of the diesels listed in the "MEMBERS" section were kidnapped and the Diesel Army began to form

The Origins of 089Edit

During the final battle at the Dieselworks, the Diesel Army attacks Clewp, Gunner and 089.

Season 1 Edit

A few members of the army breifly appeared at the Diesel Headquarters. This appearance however was noncannon.

Season 2Edit

The Diesel Army are attacked during Connor's assult on their fortress. Their general at the time, Diesel, is killed by Charlie, who also dies. Two Diesel Amy soliders, Splatter and Dodge, pursue and attack Connor and his friends, who are trying to escape Mr. Railway Man and Denton, the current general, are at the Diesel Army Headquarters on Tankopia, when Gold Leadrer, Lady and 089 attack. The latter two are captured, but Gold Leader escapes to find Connor and Ivo Hugh. The latter two are then captured. The Diesel Army leads Connor and Ivo Hugh into their headquarters, to be burnt. Lady is first, but as she is lifted up, her last remaining coal spills into 089's bunker, restoring his abillities. Everyone fights their way out and defeats the Diesel Army, and destroys their headquarters. The Diesel Army goes to Sodor to try and gather the rebellion, but the Sodor steamies pack quite a punch! D199, on the other hand, captures a prisoner: Flying Scotsman

Snapshot 382

A raging fire at the scrapyard

The Diesel Army troops are sitting comfortabley in the LNER Sheds. D199 shows up and gains leadership with his thought-provoking speech. He later attacks Hiro with Splatter and Dodge, the latter two being killed by Harold.

Gathered in the scrapyard, D199 shows a few troops his new weapon: the flame gun. He uses it to burn Porter, much do the discomfort of Denton, who betrays his master that very moment. D199 hides in a shed, as the failed flame gun burns down the scrapyard. Salty, a lone diesel troop, is shunting at the docks. Until Denton shows up, and Salty wants the traitor captured. The red diesel is then stopped by Harvey. Meanwhile the Scout General attempts to assassinate Connor via dynamite-loaded trucks. But Connor miraculously survives! D199 is towed out of the charred remains of the scrapyard by Dart, 089 is gone, and Ivo Hugh and Harvey seek him out. But the Scout General pursues the two hereos, shooting many bullets at them in the process. Marion captures him though, and takes him in for questioning. Meanwhile D199 is loaded onto a ship to chase the now sea-bound Frank, Denton, Harvey and Ivo Hugh, killing "Mr. Crane" in the process. The majority of the Sodor steam engines have been captured and are being held captive by the Diesel Army troops, who have flame guns on standby. But with the power, determination and teamwork of the 08S, and Denton's sacrafice, every last troop is destroyed...for good.


  • The Diesel Army are the fourth characters to use weapons, the first being Clewp , Gunner and 089.