Sudric Legends 89 is an upcoming Quest 89 special featuring characters from both Quest 89, & The Sudric Legends.


​The special will be a crossover between Nick 's series, Quest 89, & also OliverRyan's series, The Sudric Legends.



  • The episode was originally going to be the thirty-second episode of Quest 89, but it was later decided to be a non-canon special. As it would break a lot of Quest 89's rules, lore, & continuity thought the series in the past..
  • The special was originally a joke in a Skype call between Nick, & Oliver, but it was later decided it would become an actual Quest 89 special/The Sudric Legends episode.
  • This will be the first (and the likely last) crossover episode of Quest 89.
  • Unlike the main Quest 89 series, this special will be more silly and comedy based than serious.