" 'Arvey, do you think Connor is going to come back soon? He's been gone for a while now, couple days actually."


Strike it Where it Glows is the 18th episode of Quest 89.


The Sodor Railway is closing down, and the engines are dissappaering mysteriously... Thomas meets up with Bill, Ben and Marion at the Rock Quarry, the latter explains what is happening. Meanwhile, Connor is trying to comfort Lady about the things 089 said to her. She is trying her hardest not to cry at the thought, lying to Connor and saying nothing happened.  Harvey and Frank, who everyone has forgotten about, are at the Mainland Port and are lazily watching Salty, who has been brainwashed, shunting trucks. The latter says that he'll call Harvey "really useful" if he helps out. Harvey does, until some trucks derail him, bump and bridge support, and send Denton dangerously hanging over the edge. Salty notices the traitor and rushes to stop him. Harvey commands a nearby crane to lift him up to the bridge. Harvey then uses his arm to stop Salty and save Denton. Connor and the others have began mining for gold dust to give themselves the same powers 089 has, and Ivo Hugh is given the task of taking dynamite out of the qaurry. He's going uphill, backwards, when he is stopped by the Scout General, who shoots the coupling connecting Ivo to the trucks, and sends the dynamite racing downhill towars the quarry. Ivo wildly pursues the runaway cars, not even an exploding bridge can stop him! But he isn't fast enough, and the trucks roll faster and faster, straight towards Connor... The charred remains of the scrapyard house D199, who is rescued by Dart. 





  • Strike it Where it Glows: the title basically has no relevancy to the plot, due to plot changes.
  • When Dart takes D199 away, the vehicle he uses is strikingly similar to the Road-Rail Transporter.


Strike it Where it Glows (18)

Strike it Where it Glows (18)

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