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"Ugh! Officer I don't know, this is getting too out of hand."

-Stephen Hatt

Stress is the twenty-third episode of Quest 89.


Sir Stephen Topham Hatt calls a large group of engines and other vehicles to Knapford Station. With help of Officer Brown, he tells them all that the assassin is at large and they will do his best to stop him. He also says a new diesel will come to help out on the Ffarquarh branch during Toby's abscense. After the engines return to work, a depressed Hatt heads to the Arlesburgh Pub with Brown on BoCo. A drink is sure to do the trick, but as Brown gets wasted away, Hatt falls into a deeper depression.

Two hours later after the men head home, Jenny Packard and her building team begin to construct a weapon storehouse, as requested by Hatt, but the assassin watches the whole thing.





  • This is the first episode of Quest 89 to mainly focus on human characters.


  • Caitlin and Scruff should not be at the meeting, as they work mainly on the mainland.


Stress (23)

Stress (23)

The episode.