"What's happening? War is happening, Toby"

-Toby and Edward

Steam Search Part 1 is the fifteenth episode of Quest 89.


Gordon has returned from his temporary jobs as being a private engine on British Railways, but nobody is impressed, everyone is wondering where Connor, Thomas, Percy, Ivo Hugh, Harvey and all the diesels are. Duck returns from the GWR and says he hasn't found anyone. Spencer arrives shortly later to knock him off the turntable, he reminds Gordon of a race he (Gordon) lost against him, he then talks about making "special deliveries". Later Winston arrives to bring information about a recent diesel attack, as Harold flies off to find the missing engines.                                                  Later that day, James stops at a signal for Whiff to pass by, Whiff then passes by Flying Scotsman and Gordon who are talking. As Scotsman talks about the recent lack of accidents on Sodor, Porter smashes into the back of the latter and pushes him, along with Gordon, through the back of the shed. Stafford laughs and leaves with Hank as Murdoch comes in with the express, saying the job will be given to Edward. Spencer rushes in to tell everyone about the Diesel Army, and how they are coming towards them! Other engines arrive an the fight begins to knock the other team off the rails. Late in the fight, 089 and Lady come to break it up, as Gordon pushes his brother to safety. Later that night, they head to the magic buffers in hope of returning to London, but D199 comes out of the buffers! George tears up the rails behind Gordon and Scotsman as they escape to Europe. George celebrates his acchievment, as Harold watches from above.





  • This episode is the first one not to focus on Connor and the main characters as it takes place on Sodor. Thus, many Sodor characters are introduced including the remaining Steam Team characters, minus Donald and Douglas. D199 and George are also introduced.
  • The battle scene was originnaly going to be in the next episode


Steam Search Part 1 (15)

Steam Search Part 1 (15)

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