"Kate, look! It's Stepney! It's really him!" -Stan 

Stan is a soldier who was saved by Officer Cody.


At sometime before the events of Season 3, Stan and Kate were captured by criminals and held hostage on their own ship. The two were saved by Officers Abraham Cody and Alastor Grayshard.

Stan also mentioned attending the Great Railway Show before the third season.

Season 3 Edit

​Stan, along with Kate and General Phoenix Brown, arrived on Sodor to eliminate The Assassin. Upon arrival, Stan saw Stepney and was thrilled. He sung his praises throughout the day, until the group arrived at the base of Professor's Gang. Stan, aswell as Phoenix, Kate, Cody and Sir Stephen Topham Hatt were rescued by Lady during the base's destruction. Later, Stan rode on Stepney 's train to Barrow-in-Furness Station where he witnessed Cody and Alastor 's confrontation.

Stan will also appear in The Road to Sodor.


​For being a soldier, Stan is very carefree and happy. He is shown to be very comedic, in demeanour, and nature. Stan also has a downright obsession with Stepney, often singing his praises and basically acting like an over-glorified fanboy. Stan can be calm too though. Not much else is known about him or his past.


Season 3

Personal Game (flashback, does not speak) • The Ones Who KnowThe Road to Sodor


  • ​A large chunk of Stan's personality, mainly his obsession with Stepney, was based off of Ryatron 12 . This is why he voices the character.

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