Splatter and Dodge were two shunters who served as Diesel's henchmen.


Splatter and Dodge were two twin diesels from British Railways. They arrived on Sodor with Diesel 10 to find and destroy Lady. After the two decided that Diesel 10 had gone insane, they stopped working for the warship, and returned to British Railways. Sometime after the forming of the Diesel Army and before 089 was made, the twins became Diesel's henchmen.

Season 1 Edit

After Diesel claimed he would help Connor find 089, he told Splatter and Dodge that he had sabotaged a truck meant to deliver coal to the steam engines and to wait for further instructions. A few days later Percy was looking for 089. The twins noticed him and decided to chase after Percy since he was working with Connor. The twins chased Percy across Sodor until they arrived at a bridge where Ivo Hugh was waiting.  Before the twins could escape however, Ivo Hugh blew up the bridge and escaped, leaving the two to argue in the ruins of the bridge. Although they were meant to capture Percy, the twins ended up capturing Thomas instead with help of Diesel. The twins accompanied Diesel, Thomas and Frank on their way to the scrapyard. Once Thomas' friends arrived though, Splatter and Dodge were defeated along with their boss when the scrapyard was blown up. The twins returned to their base the next day, but were once again defeated.

Season 2 Edit

After Diesel's death, the twins became the henchmen of the new general, D199. They weren't seen at any point during the conflict, except when they were gaurding D199. The two helped him corner Hiro, but were shot down by Harold. The diesels derailed and then never appeared again. It is unknown if the two of them are still alive or not.


Splatter and Dodge are awkward and simple-minded henchmen. The two of them can be very determined to get their jobs done at times, but are often mischievous. Also, they have a tendency of arguing whose fault it is when something goes wrong.


Season 1

Connor, Coal and Crashes00 HughBetrayal Part 1 (deleted scene) • Betrayal Part 2Connor V.S. Diesel

Season 2

Steam Search Part 2


  • Splatter and Dodge were sometimes referred to as 'Splodge' by Diesel 10, but never by Diesel.

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