"I say Scotsman, it's gotten quiet around here."

-Spencer to Flying Scotsman

Spencer was a private engine.


Spencer was the private engine of the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. He also worked on the LNER.

The Origins of 089 Edit

Spencer discussed the state of British Railways with Flying Scotsman at King's Cross Station before 089 was built.

Season 2 Edit

Spencer arrived at Tidmouth Sheds while the engines were discussing the whereabouts of Connor. He bumped Duck onto the Turntable causing him to be stuck at an odd angle. He claimed that he was making "special deliveries" for his owners, but this was never brought up again. Later that day he warned some engines in the shunting yard that the Diesel Army was coming. While everyone was getting prepared, Spencer ran around to the back of the lines of diesels and helped to push the steam engines back. When the diesels were defeated by 089 and Lady however, Spencer escaped.

During D199's speech, Spencer held Flying Scotsman in place so he couldn't escape while D199 was explaining that he kidnapped the latter.

Spencer watched Harvey helping Salty at the docks while resting.

While D199 was about to set his final plan into action, Spencer pushed Flying Scotsman off the edge of a broken bridge. He was luckily rescued by Scruff. Spencer's victory didn't last long however, as a recently turned-good Mr. Railway Man shot him and the bridge down with a tank.



The Origins of 089

Season 2

Steam Search Part 1Steam Search Part 2 (doesn't speak) • Love and Magic (deleted scene) • Strike it Where it Glows (cameo) • Battle of the Brave Brothers


  • Spencer was the only steam engine that was part of the Diesel Army.
  • Spencer was the first steam engine villain in Quest 89.

Voice ActorEdit

  • [Nick TF89]]