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Shafted is the 19th episode of Quest 89.


Three days after the events of the previous episode, Connor wakes up from the comma he was put in from the explosion, noticing hid crew is dead. Everyone is relieved that he's alive, accept for Thomas and Percy's crews. They wonder how they are still alive after everything they've been through, and they then leave, abandoning the engines. Ivo Hugh and Harvey's crews stay with them, as they love all the action! Ivo feels guilty about what happened to Connor, so he runs off to get revenge on the Scout Genereal. Harvey tags along and the two find themselves on a long viaduct, being pursued by the Scout General, who is firing rapidly at them. Harvey manages to derail the latter, and Marion takes him away for questioning. Denton meets Ivo, Harvey and Frank at the docks and they are about to set off to find 089. But the bridge that was damaged 3 days prior hasn't been fixed yet! D199 rushes in, pushing his two Diesel Army troops (Paxton and Norman) off the edge and out of his way. He falls and demands for "Mr. Crane" to put him on the nearby ship. The latter does so.  Meanwhile, Marion is questioning the Scout General, trying to get as much information as possible. "Mr. Crane" 's hook is still attached to D199, and the latter is pulling the crane into the sea! Marion is shoving the Scout General off the rails! A large ship approaches Frank and the others at sea! Everything happens at once: D199 drowns "Mr. Crane" and escapes, the Scout General informs Marion that a bunch of Sodor engines will be burned alive tomorrow. And the large ship is carrying Brad, Chance, and 089 himself.



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  • This is the first time all nine 08S appear in one episode, the next being the next episode.
  • This marks the final apperance of "Mr. Crane" as he is killed in this episode.


Shafted (19)

Shafted (19)

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