Q89 Season 2 was the second season of Quest 89. Like it's previous season, it consisted of 10 episodes, 2 being a 2-part special. 


  1. The Diesel Army (Episode)  
  2. Dedication                                                                               
  3. The Grudge
  4. Journey Through the Moonlight (Episode)
  5. Steam Search Part 1
  6. Steam Search Part 2
  7. Love and Magic
  8. Strike it Where it Glows
  9. Shafted
  10. Battle of the Brave Brothers

Characters - In Order of AppearanceEdit

  • Ronno - Scientist and engineer, appeared only in pre-recorded video
  • Denton - Former Diesel Army general, a 08
  • Spencer - Duke and Duchess private engine, Diesel Army member
  • Marion - Railway steam-shovel, working on LNER after Sodor "closed"
  • The Diesel Army - Mindless clones and drones made to pursue and destroy
  • D199 - Power-crazed diesel wanting to destroy steam engines for making a comeback in popularity



  • This is the longest season, episode wait time wise. Episodes 11 and 12 were released in 2014, and the rest were released in 2015. This is mainly due to Nick's hiatus. This is also prevelent as the characters' voices get deeper as the series progressess, especially between episodes 12 and 13.
  • This season is a lot more, darker than the previous season. D199 shows barely any reason to kidnap and burn steam engines, we learn the purpose of 089 and his friends, as well as showing a character being shot, and having his blood splatter over the screen. "You know, for kids!" -Nosalgia Critic
  • This is the first season (as of now) to use a song with lyrics in an episode. The song is "See You Agian", the episode is Battle of the Brave Brothers.