"Now, you only have two options: be scrapped, or take Quest 89!"

-Flying Scotsman

Q89 Season 1 was the first season of Quest 89. Like future seasons, It consisted of 10 episodes, 2 being a 2-part

special. Promos were uploaded a few days before the actuall episode to give the viewers a sneek peek of whats to come.


Nick has confirmed he will be remastering the first season by rewriting the episodes with actual scripts this time around, better quality of footage, and just more effort in general. He is currently building a more accurate model of King's Cross Station for the first episode.

Episodes Edit

  1. Crash of Destiny - After an accident at King's Cross, Flying Scotsman gives him an idea of what to do; find 089, a magical engine.
  2. Preperations - Connor is sent to be modified for all sorts of gadgets, but is short on time and leaves with only a heavier sheet of metal.
  3. Leaving the Mainland - Connor leaves the mainland and arrives on Sodor, finding four engines willing to help him find 089.
  4. Connor, Coal and Crashes - The engines run out of coal and wait for a truck to deliver some, but one of them is a traitor and has sabotaged the truck.
  5. 00 Hugh - Ivo Hugh searches for 089, but when Percy is put in danger by Diesel's henchmen, he has to rescue him.
  6. Betrayal Part 1 - Diesel reveals himself to be the traitor, and captures Thomas.
  7. Betrayal Part 2 - With help of a new ally, Connor and the others go to rescue Thomas.
  8. Connor V.S. Diesel - Connor faces off against diesel.
  9. Retrieving the Map - A mysterious letter arrives, which is actually a map, and with help of some other engines, Connor makes a machine that can help them find 089.
  10. The Quest Begins - 089 is within his grasp, but an old foe returns.

Characters - In Order of AppearanceEdit


  • This season consisted of weekly episodes, the series overall lasted from October to December 2013