"It's going down!"

-Scruff escaping the collapsing Diesel Headquarters II

Scruff is a recurring character in Quest 89.


Season 1 Edit

Scruff arrrived with Charlie at the LNER Sheds early one morning to take Connor to be mosified for his adventure. Flying Scotsman accompianed themand watched the process. Time was cut short, and Connor could only be modified with a heavier sheet of metal. Scruff watched Connor leave on his quest to find 089 later that day.

Sometime after Ivo Hugh stopped Splatter and Dodge from pursuing Percy, Scruff, Charlie, a red engine, Thomas, Bash and Dash were kindnapped by the Diesels and taken to a place faraway from Sodor, New Zeland. But they were all rescued by Ivo Hugh, Connor, Percy and Frank in the end.

Season 2 Edit

When Connor and his friends were captured, Scruff and Gold Leader rescued them from Diesel Headquarters II, destroying the structure in the process.

When the engines arrived on the Mainland, Scruff helped barricade the fortress.

During the final battle with The Diesel Army, Scruff rode a ship and shot down a bridge. And with the help of Mr. Railway Man and his tank, they brought the bridge down, as well as a Diesel Army general, Spencer.

Season 3 Edit

Coming soon


Scruff is Charlie's fast and feisty assistant at the LNER Repair and Modification Yards. The two also modified the engines that eventually  became the 08S. Scruff may be small, but he is big and mighty with a BOOMING voice. He's also kind-hearted: Always ready to help out a friend.


Season 1

PreperationsBetrayal Part 2Retrieving the Map (cameo)

Season 2

Journey Through the MoonlightSteam Search Part 2Battle of the Brave Brothers

Season 3

All of Scruff's third season appearances will be listed here once Season 3 is completed.


  • Scruff appeared in 3 episodes each in the two seasons he appeared in