Samson was a prisoner who was rescued by Ivo Hugh


Samson worked on the Mainland for many years but came to Sodor one day to help with the Ulfstead Castle Dinosaur Park. From then on, Samson did various jobs on both Sodor and the Mainland.

Season 3Edit

Samson was seen taking a train of trucks through Crovan's Gate when Smudger reuinted with Duke .

Samson later helped with the rebuilding of Knapford Station.

In The Road to Sodor, Ivo Hugh remebered the time he met Samson. The latter was captured by the Diesel Army in Russia and was about to be taken to a melting chamber, but Ivo Hugh saved him. The two talked about Sodor and sang the Island Song.


Samson tries his hardest to be the best. Although arrogant at times and not very humble, he still is friendly. There may be more to him than he lets on though, as he somehow ended up in Diesel territory once, hundereds of miles away from his home...


Season 3

Smudger (cameo) • Personal Game (cameo) • The Road to Sodor


  • Samson was the first character in the series to sing a song. The song was The Island Song from Thomas and Friends.

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