"I understand your frustration, Spike , but now is not the time for rage."

-P.T. Boomer

P.T. Boomer, better known as The Professor, was the leader of Professor's Gang.


Sometime before the events of the third season , P.T. Boomer stumbled upon Alastor Grayshard, who was unconscious and lying in the middle of a harbour. Boomer brought him out of the water and managed to heal his injuries by engineering metal plates to replace the missing flesh in his chest. Alastor was then dubbed "Metalchest", and he gave his life to working for Boomer.

Boomer was later severely injuried and gained an eye piece and a metal headgear wrapped around the left side of his outer skull. He also somehow lost his left hand, and gained a hook replacement, as well as a walking stick. Boomer then gained a heavy amount of leg and chest armour as well.

Boomer eventually began working for "The Mastermind" and became known as "The Professor". He befriended an Assassin, who would become his partner in crime, and eventually formed a gang of people simillar to Metalchest; people who had been through catastrophes and needed heavy medical attention, but instead gained engineered bodily replacements from Boomer. (Ex. Wirez has wires running in and around his body) Or just general outcasts. (Ex. Zaptrap, Hatty) Metalchest became a part of the group and it became known as Professor's Gang.

Season 3 Edit

Maiden VoyageEdit

Boomer attack 089's train and disconnected the brakevan, which led to 089, steam's protector, crashing and being put out of comission. That night, Boomer met his assistant at Brendam Docks to collect some weapons and the brakevan that was stolen earlier. Suspicions about their master looking for 089 were then confirmed.


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  • Since The Ones Who Know, Boomer's hook hand is replaced with duck tape in some scenes. This is due to the fact that the hook hand broke while Nick  was filming a scene for A Tale of Two Trains . Nick bought a replacement hand, but that broke as well.

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