"Go boss, go! I'll catch up with you later!"


Norman was a diesel shunter.


Norman was a hardworking diesel that often broke down. He was friendly as well, but this all changed when he was kidnapped by D199 and Andy. Norman was brainwashed and made into a solider for the army. He however wasn't one of the diesels that was cloned.

The Origins of 089Edit

During a battle, 089 derailed Norman and managed to hit an oil derrick, which burst and caused Norman to be covered under oil.

Season 1 Edit

Connor V.S. Diesel   Edit

Norman was present at the Diesel Headquarters when Connor and Diesel "fought". He derailed along with some other diesels, but managed to escape.

Season 2 Edit

Steam Search Part 2 Edit

Norman was present at the meeting where D199 became general of the Diesel Army.

Love and MagicEdit

Norman used a Fire-arm to combat 089, The latter crashed into him, knocking the weapon onto the ground. 089 threatend to kill Norman if the latter didn't talk, but Norman refused and was knocked onto the ground after D199 colided with him and 089. 

Shafted Edit

At the docks, Paxton and Norman arrived to stop Denton from escaping with Ivo Hugh, Frank, and Harvey. D199 arrived though and knocked Paxton and Norman off of the bridge. D199 chased after them, and Norman said he would catch up later.

Battle of the Brave BrothersEdit

Norman participated in the final battle, where some of the mind control was starting to wear off of him and the other diesels. During the battle, Connor rammed a clone of Diesel 10 into Norman, who had his fire-arm activated, finally killing them both in an explosion.

Season 3 Edit

The Road to Sodor Edit

Ivo Hugh recalled a mission he was on once where he went to save Samson from Russia. Norman cornered the prisoner so he couldn't escape, but Ivo Hugh arrived, defeated the diesels, and saved Samson.


Norman was a kind and hardworking diesel who often broke down. However, he became a mindless drone after he was captured and fought time and time again until he was killed by Connor.



The Origins of 089

Season 2

Steam Search Part 2 (cameo) • Love and MagicShaftedBattle of the Brave Brothers (does not speak)

Season 3

The Road to Sodor (does not speak)


  • Norman is Nick's favorite diesel and he regrets killing him off.

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