"Afraid you'll have to die before you know the full story, 089!"

-Mr. Railway Man 

Mr. Railway Man's Battleship was a battleship.


Mr. Railway Man used the battleship to smuggle goods to and from the Mainland and Tankopia to support the Diesel Army. He and the ship were given the title "LNER Pirates" by Crabbestal and his fleet.

The Origins of 089 Edit

Mr. Railway Man and Mr. Green used the battleship to find Frank and 089 in middle of the ocean. Railway Man and the ship rammed Frank which caused 089 to fall off of Frank and into the water. Frank rammed the ship in vengence causing the ship to fall onto it's side and causing Mr. Green to fall off into the icy water. Mr. Railway Man jumped off seconds before onto his spy boat. The battleship then sank and pulled Mr. Green down with it.


The battleship was very quiet and preffered to get it's work done quickly and efficeintly.



The Origins of 089


  • The battleship is from the Disney Cars set, Professor Z's Lair
  • The ship is the only Cars model in Quest 89.
  • The battleship did not speak and it's gender is unknown.