"You'll be scrapped in the morning, you silly engine!"

-Mr. Railway Man

Mr. Railway Man was a corrupt railway controller and the leader of the Diesel Army.


At some point, Mr. Railway Man (his real name is unknown) befriended Mr. Green, and the two made The Diesel Army together. Mr. Railway Man was controlling the British Railways by day, and making the Diesel Army by night. He apparently robbed ships as well, and he and Green became known as the LNER Pirates by Crabbestal.

Season 1 Edit

Mr. Railway Man claimes he will scrap Connor after his accident occured, as he was too expensive to maintain. The next day when Connor ran away, Railway Man was very frustrated. He eventually confronted Connor and tried to destroy him with help of Diesel and some fuel tankers, and ultimately failed, and was chased away by the authorities.

Season 2 Edit

Mr. Railway Man continued his conquest to eradicate steam with assistance of his army, mainly stationed on Tankopia. He managed to track down and capture Connor, Ivo Hugh, 089 and Lady. They all escaped and Railway Man was nearly killed during the destruction of the building, Diesel Headquarters II. Eventually Railway Man was pushed to the side of the army by the popularity of D199 amongst the ranks. After seeing what his creation had become,  Railway Man eventually gave in and helped destroy it. He was to help destroy the engines of Sodor with a tank, but ended up using it to destroy Spencer and a bridge, perishing in the process.

Season 3 Edit

Sidney remembered the time Mr. Railway Man invaded Sodor to capture diesels with D199 and Andy. Derek helped Sidney escape, but Den and Dart were captured.


Season 1

Crash of DestinyPreperationsThe Quest Begins

Season 2

The GrudgeJourney Through the MoonlightBattle of the Brave Brothers

Season 3

The Ones Who Know (flashback, not named)


  • Mr. Railway Man's real name hasn't been revealed.
  • Mr. Railway Man was portrayed by a wooden Sir Topham Hatt figurine in Seasons 1 and 2. In a flashback in Season 3, he was portrayed by a LEGO figure, just like all standard humans in the series now. He was not named in the flashback however, only the script.

Voice ActorEdit