Chance "Not you Brad, it is 089 who will be leaving..."

-Mr Green

Mr. Green was the original controller of Tankopia.


The Origins of 089 Edit

Green is actually the reason 089 was built. Mr. Green needed another engiene to "help out" on his railway. While Chance and Brad were distracted by 089's apperance, Mr. Green helped Mr. Railway Man transport raw materials to Sodor. When 089 heard about this, the engine took a run at Green and broke his leg, Mr. Green orderd his warship diesel engiene, Goliath, to pursue and destroy 089. It is also likely Green hates 089, is because the latter smashed his house! After 089 made his escape into the icy seas and was confronted by Crabbestal and his ghost fleet, Green and Mr. Railway Man entered the area. They started to fire missles at 089, angering Frank. Frank then ramed Railway Man's battleship, causing Mr. Green to loose balance and fall into the icy water. Without knowledge of how to siwm, Green quickly drowned. He was though avenged by his friend, as Railway Man captured 089 and Frank on the same night. Although Green likely died, Railway man continued to use his battle plans and ideas until he died as well.


Mr. Green was very short tempered and quick to anger, not thinking much before acting. This reckless behavior eventually led to him breaking his leg, and eventually drowning. Green also had little concern for his railway, and was more focused on helping the Diesel Army grow.



The Origins of 089


  • Mr. Green's model is a Sir Topham Hatt figure with the jacket turned green with white out and a marker.
  • Mr. Green is the only human not to be portrayed by a LEGO minifigure.
  • Mr. Green only appeared once.