"We'd be happy to work for you!"

-089 to Sir Topham Hatt 

Man in the Shadows is the twenty-first episode of Quest 89.


A celebration is held at the end of the Locomotive Wars, and everyone is happy. A military general offers Connor and Ivo Hugh jobs at the Ministry of Defence.                                                                                          

Ten long, peacful years later, Thomas the Tank Engine is doing his usual passenger run on the Ffarquhar Branchline. He stops at a station to pick up his railway controller. He then takes him to Knapford , where a few other engines are waiting. Hatt explains the dilema of the diesels' dissaperance, and that however many engines he purchases, he never has engough. As if directly on que, 089 and Lady appear to collcect some "Special" Sodor Coal. The latter two accept the job offer as well. At the Ffarquhar sheds, later that evening, Thomas informs Percy and Toby about the events of the past years, as a mysterious figure concealed in a cloak of white watches from a truck. After the engines get to sleep, he closes in and steals Toby!




This is the first episode to

  • Use LEGO Minifigures as people
  • Use sound effects for engines
  • Not to have an intro


Man in the Shadows (21)

Man in the Shadows (21)

The episode