The Mainland Port is a location in Quest 89.



The port was built around the same time when Charlie was built. Porter used to work here along the many cranes and ships. There is a large ship dock with an oil derrick at the southern end. The unfinished bridge is near here. 089 came here to be loaded onto Frank and Connor came here to be loaded onto Bulstrode. While Connor was on Sodor, a bridge was constructed over the port. When Connor and the others returned, Frank docked here and Harvey visited often. It was here that Harvey damaged the new bridge and put Den in danger, but luckily he was able to save him. The bridge however, wasn't saved and was destroyed. With help of Ivo Hugh, Harvey and Den managed to escape with Frank. D199 tried to stop them and managed to drown "Mr. Crane" in the process. D199 however was unsucessful along with Paxton and Norman. The port was left in ruins and was likely rebuilt sometime after the war.




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