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"Help! I'm a runaway train!"


Maiden Voyage is the twenty-second episode of Quest 89.


The Fat Controller has his weekly meeting with his significant associates as usual, but this time he shows them security camera footage of the Assassian stealing Toby. Officer Brown decides to borrow Thomas for a search party, and suggests that 089 could do Toby's jobs, and another engine can do Thomas'. Later that morning, down at Brendam Docks, Thomas is with 089 and Brown. The latter leaves with Thomas as 089 is introduced to his driver and fireman. The three then head off to take some trucks. While this is happening, a mysterious figure watches from above...       Thomas and the police are searching for Toby at the docks while Harvey is loading some trucks onto Frank. 089 races past on the bridge, bragging about his first train, but the mysterious figure is back! He uses a chainsaw of sorts to slice the coupling to 089's brakevan, causing the trucks to push 089 with more ease, and causing the train to become a runaway. Brown realizes this and gets into his swamp boat and races down the cannal. He stops at Suddery Skyscraper to notify The Fat Controller. The latter boards the boat and the chase is on. But they're too late, as 089 smashes into a lorry. The Fat Controller realizes that 089 is a custom-build by Charlie. Becuase of this, his parts aren't manufactured anymore, so 089 requires an overhaul. He's taken to the steamworks and his new crew is taken to a hospital. Later that night, Toby, against his will, goes to the docks with The Assassian, who meets up with the mysterious figure. The mysterious figure is revealed to be a professor of sorts. The two collect various weapons as The Assassian mentions 089. The Professor reveals that "the boss" is looking for him...




Maiden Voyage (22)

Maiden Voyage (22)

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