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"This way, hurry! The magic buffers aren't that far away. Then we can get me home and I'll explain [to] you everything."

-Flying Scotsman

The Magic Buffers are teleportation devices.


The Magic Buffers were constructed by Charlie and Ronno, with the help of Lady. They are essentially weak spots in our dimension that Ronno, being the brilliant scientist and mercenary he is, managed to forge them into buffers. After adding a track and making a siding with the buffers, engines and people can travel through the weak points through a rail network between space and time, called the Magic Railroad, to other sets of magic buffers. An advanced version of these buffers was created as well in the form of a portal that acts as a shed with a turntable with tracks leading to other buffers. The magic buffers, unlike the portal however, are scattered all over railways across Europe and America.

Season 2 Edit

Gordon and his brother, Flying Scotsman, attempt to escape to British Railways via the Magic Buffers, but they are stopped by D199. The latter brings the engines through the buffers and captures them, while leaving George the steamroller to flatten the buffers.


Season 2

Steam Search Part 1


  • Not counting the portal, the buffers have only appeared once in the series.