Love and Magic is the seventeenth episode of Quest 89.


Connor and the others are near a quarry with 089, who infroms them that Gold-dust Power is needed to stop the Diesel Army. Meanwhile, Denton brings some scrap to the smelter's yard and finds out that D199 has captured Porter and plans to use him for an expiremental weapon. The flamethrower in question packs quite a punch and Porter slowly burns away. Denton is horrified by this and questions if it is necessary. As he ponders wheather he should betray his boss or not, 089 enters to save Porter, but he is too late! He shoves a diesel into a tunnel and demands answers, but D199 chases after him. Using his teleportating abbilities to his advantage, 089 smacks into D199, causing him to try and burn the latter. Denton steps in and causes him (D199) to misfire, starting a raging fire! He hides in a shed for protection as 089 teleports Denton to Lady. Lady is at the LNER Repair and Modification Yards, waiting for 089. He arrives with Denton, and everyone turns over a new leaf to accept the latter into their group of friends. Lady tells them to enter the shed, where they see a voice activated computer, the computer plays a pre-recorded video of Charlie, telling 089's story,  as well as information about the 08S. Towards the end of the video, Ronno, Charlie's driver and scientist, is shot and killed, the video then ends. 089 exits the shed and is shocked that Lady never told him about this. (He basically has a mental breakdown) As 089 leaves to find out "who he really is", Connor arrives and sees Lady upset, the two head to the quarry to meet the other engines.





  • This is the only season 2 episode of Quest 89 to recieve a promo


Love and Magic (17)

Love and Magic (17)

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