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The London Sheds are engine sheds located in London, England. 



The original design featured three sheds, as well as a water tower nearby. All of the sheds were at the ends of straight tracks.


The shed design is the same, but there is a small yard added to the sheds. The sheds are also now off of the main line. Several buildings and sidings are near the sheds too.


Season 1 Edit

Connor talked to Flying Scotsman in the sheds and the latter assured him that everything would be ok.

The next morning, Connor was collected from here by Charlie and Scruff and taken to the works. Connor later returned here to say his goodbyes. After he left, Mr. Railway Man arrived here and was furious that Connor was gone.

Season 2 Edit

The Diesel Army used the sheds as a meeting place. Flying Scotsman was held captive here and D199 became general moments later. After they left, Scruff briefly fortified the area while 089 explained why they needed to fight.

After the events of the Locomotive Wars, all of the residents of the sheds were relocated.



Season 1

Crash of DestinyPreperations

Season 2

Steam Search Part 2


  • In Season 1 a blanket was used as the backdrop for this location, but in Season 2 a sky backdrop was used.