"Oh, I thought you were one of those LNER pirates, the ones who wiped us out. . ."

-Crabbestal to 089

The LNER Pirates were an orginization in Quest 89.


The LNER Pirates were a subdivision of the Diesel Army. Their objective was to smuggle parts, supplies, machinery and weaponry for the latter mentioned army. The pirates also transported members of the army. Little is known about the pirates, but they were a force to be reckoned with. It is unknown if they are still active but it can be assumed that they are long gone due to the eradication of the Diesel Army. It also is unknown how well known the group was, but they were well known by Crabbestal and the Iceberg Fleet. The pirates didn't want there cover to be blown so they wiped out the fleet according to Crabbestal.

The Origins of 089 Edit

While 089 and Frank were talking to the Iceberg Fleet, the LNER Pirates were smuggling supplies and stumbled upon them. Their battleship lashed out at Frank and cuased 089 to fall into the water. Frank fought back, causing the ship to flip over, sink and take Mr. Green down with it. Mr. Railway Man managed to escape by jumping onto his spy boat. After knocking Frank out and abandoning him and 089 on Sodor, Railway Man went back to the pirate duties.

Season 2 Edit

LNER Pirate ships transported a unit of tracking diesels to hunt down Connor and Ivo Hugh.


  • It is unknown if the LNER Pirates are stil active as we have yet to see them again