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"Don't worry, I got it all planned out!"

-Assassin before blowing up the station

Knapford Station is a large railway station in Knapford on Sodor.


Knapford Station was built in 1965 to serve as a station for passengers. It had eight through lines under a large green roof held up by large columns. After the station was destroyed by the assassin, reconstruction began.The new Knapford is to have four through lines on each side of the station and two terminal lines in the middle. A small yard is nearby and the station itself is part of a large town.

Season 3 Edit

Knapford Station was the location of which 089 and Lady made their return, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt held a meeting adressing his engines, and Justin Brown's greatest act of destruction to the North Western Railway. The latter destroyed the station with explosives, but recontruction soon began. As of Personal Game, Knapford is currently being worked on by Andy , Harvey, Douglas, Rocky, Toby, Samson, Lorry 1, Oliver and Butch. It is unknown when the station will be completed. Due to recent events however, Andy has left the project.


Season 3

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  • The overhauled version of Knapford that construction started on in Personal Game will be accurate to the TVS version, unlike the previous Quest 89 version of Knapford.
  • Harold and Tigermoth land on the roof of Knapford in Stress. This is incredibly dangerous, however it was before the roof was switched to a glass canopy, so it was not as dangerous.