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"I say, Scotsman, It's gotten quiet around here."


King's Cross Station is a station used by British Railways in London. 


The station originally opened in 1852 and served as a terminus of the East Coast Main Line, the Great Northern Railway, and the LNER.

The Origins of 089 Edit

Flying Scotsman and Spencer discussed the state of the railway at the station. Mr. Railway Man also made an appearance there and told them that a new engine had to be built. The latter mentioned engine then came by the station later and accidently damaged the points.

Season 1 Edit

Connor crashed outside the station in the series permiere and spent the restof the day talking about his perdicament with Flying Scotsman there.



The Origins of 089

Season 1

Crash of Destiny


  • Nick is currently building a new model of King's Cross for the remastering of Season 1, instead of just using some wooden blocks and buildings.
  • King's Cross was the first location introduced in the series.