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Kate is a soldier who was saved by Officer Cody


At sometime before the events of Season 3, Kate and Stan were captured by criminals and held hostage on their own ship. The two were saved by Officers Abraham Cody and Alastor Grayshard.

Season 3Edit

Kate, along with Stan and General Phoenix Brown, arrived on Sodor to eliminate the assassin. Kate, aswell as Phoenix, Stan Cody and Sir Stephen Topham Hatt were rescued by Lady during the base's destruction. Later, Kate rode on Stepney's train to Barrow-in-Furness where she witnessed Cody and Alastor's confrontation.

Kate participated in a battle between Cody's friends and Professor's Gang. She took down a few criminals but her main contribution was travelling over a cliff in a lorry with Stan to distract Spike and rescue Cody. The plan didn't work as planned, but she managed to escape unscathed. She then watched with the others as Cody captured Alastor.

Season 4 Edit



Kate is a kind-hearted soldier, but is a shoot first-ask questions later, kind of girl, as shown when she shot down 'the newest member of Professor's Gang'. Not much else is known about her or her past, but she is known to travel with Stan and balance out his quirky, comedic nature. Her and the latter are the personal gaurds of General Phoenix.


Season 3

Personal Game (flashback, does not speak) • The Ones Who KnowThe Road to Sodor


  • Kate was named by a real-life friend of Thomasfan 89's.

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