"I barely know you! I've only been helping you out recently since the board meeting."

-Justin Brown

Justin Brown is a major character in the third season of Quest 89


Sometime before the events of the third season, Justin Brown fought in a war alongside Gunner and many other soldiers. Justin is the only known survivor. At some point after this, Justin Brown befriended the Professor, and went undercover as a police officer, dubbed Officer Brown, to cause chaos on Sodor.

Season 3 Edit

Man in the ShadowsEdit

Justin Brown was seen at Ffarquhar Station where he boarded Thomas' train and traveled to Knapford Station. It is unknown why he did this.

That night in his assassin garb, Justin broke into the yards near Tidmouth Station. Using a grapple knife, he broke into Ffarquhar Sheds and stole Toby while the other engines slept.

Maiden VoyageEdit

Brown attended a meeting regarding the assassin where footage of him was shown stealing Toby. Brown offered to track the assassin down. Later, he set out with Thomas and searched for clues at Brendam Docks. When 089 became a runaway a bit later, Brown used an airboat to pick up Sir Stephen Topham Hatt and chase down the runaway train. Brown then surveyed the damage.

That night in his assassin garb, Justin met his partner, a man dubbed the Professor. They came to collect supplies at the docks. Justin told him that their boss was looking for 089.


Brown attended a meeting at Knapford Station where Sir Stephen Topham Hatt adressed his engines regarding the assassin. Following the meeting, Brown mentioned that he lost his wife, but also that he arranged for BoCo to take him and Stephen to the Arlesburgh Pub. At the pub, Brown and Stephen bonded over how the assassin made their lives harder and Brown eventually convinced Stephen to have a snakebite. A drunk brown struggled to continue the conversation. 

Later that day in his assassin garb, Brown spied on the Sodor Construction Company as they planned to build a warehouse at the Sodor China Clay Pits.

Attack of the AssassinEdit


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  • Justin wears an old army helmet instead of a police hat. This hinted at General Phoenix Brown being related to him and his past in the army.

Voice ActorEdit