"Ha,ha! Now we're playin' wih power!"


Journey Through the Moonlight is the fourteenth episode of Quest 89.


The Salty clones shunt Connor and Ivo Hugh into the scrap machines. Lady is being lifted into the scrap machine and some of coal spills into 089's bunker. He immediatly sets into action. He knocks diesels off the tracks as Scruff comes in with some stolen diesel army cannons. The place gets wrecked and Denton barely escapes. Meanwhile, the others escape down the main line while using Gold Leader's lamp to light the way. In later episodes, it is revealed that they arrived at the docks to get to Frank to head back to London, since they found 089.  





  • A deleted scene featured the engines and Gold Leader loading onto Frank, this was cut due to lenght issues.
  • Scruff's line "Now we're playing with power!" is a reference to Nintendo's old motto, "Now you're playing with power!"


Journey Through the Moonlight (14)

Journey Through the Moonlight (14)

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