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"I've lost enough people in my life already. I won't let it happen, EVER AGAIN!"

-Ivo Hugh

Ivo Hugh - Meet the Characters, is a Meet the Characters short focusing on Ivo Hugh


15 minutes after the ending of The Road to Sodor, Ivo Hugh is on a flatbed being pulled by a diesel named Harry. They travel on a beach past Skiff and Frank's remains. Ivo dreams of past events such as his escapade in Russia  and his time at sea with Connor. He then finds himself on the mainline of British Railways on a foggy night. He stops and asks where he is and Andy arrives, telling him that it is his home. He claims it was destroyed and that Ivo is responsible, but the latter doesn't recognize him. He then remembers hearing about him during his time with the ministry, claiming that all of his files disappeared. Andy says he destroyed them and will do the same to Connor. Ivo angrily tells him to leave Connor out of their feud, but Andy reminds Ivo that Connor killed his brother, and says its about time he returned the favor. Ivo, claiming that he's lost enough people and won't lose anymore, charges at Andy, but the latter disappears into smoke upon contact. His voice then calls out, "Come on, Ivory, your past is just as dark as mine...". A red-haired scientist then appears in front of Ivo. They make a fist and Ivo is consumed by smoke. He then wakes up screaming. Harry asks if he's ok and Ivo says his, but that Andy won't be...




  • This is the first Meet the Characters short.

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