Incredidite is a rare mineral found on Sodor.


Incredidite is a very powerful building material. It is extremely durable and theoretically indestructable according to the Professor. It also can be fused to objects by spirits to make indestructable host vessels. 


At some point before the events of Season 3, Incredidite was discovered on Sodor. 

Season 3 Edit

The Professor and Assassin found some incredidite at Arlesburgh while on a mission to steal Skiff

At some point offscreen, coms were made out of the mineral and given to all members of Professor's Gang.

After Thomas' death, BoCo was delivering a train of incredidite to Brendam Docks with Stepney, but the train was sabotaged by Professor's Gang. They used the com devices made out of the mineral to communicate during the mission. Andy and some of the gang members stole the train and raced off as there were chased by BoCo and Sidney. Eventually Andy got away, collected Thomas' body, and delivered it and the minerals to the Mastermind on the Mainland.  When 089 found the train the next day, the doors of the vans opened and the minerals spilled out and surrounded Thomas' body as a thick fog rolled in. Everything went white as the minerals merged with the body and Timothy's spirit, and a moment later, he had his old body back and better than ever. 

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Season 3

Chase and PointThe Ones Who Know (mentioned) • The Road to Sodor


  • The minerals are represented by rocks Nick bought at a shop in at Niagara Falls.