"Who dares disturb the ghosts of the iceberg fleet?"


The Iceberg Fleet are a deceased group of ships.


The iceberg fleet were a fleet of ships, led by Crabbestal that were designed to bust icebergs to clear pathways for other ships passing through the area. When Mr. Railway Man and the Diesel Army were transporting raw materials and weapons to Sodor, they wiped out and sank the entire fleet. The ghosts eventually rose out of the water and  now gaurd the area from tresspassers.

The Origins of 089 Edit

When Frank and 089 passed through the area, they were stopped by the fleet and questioned. Before they could leave though, a member of the fleet spotted Mr. Railway Man, and 089 was captured, along with Frank.

Season 3Edit

Frank, Connor, and Ivo Hugh stumbled upon the fleet after getting lost at sea. Crabbestal and his second-in-command helped them navigate their way through the storm, but they found the Oil Rig and soon got into a fight with the higher ups of Professor's Gang and Skiff. The ghosts made Connor and the others turn invisible to get the upper hand, but nobody ended up winning when an explosion caused a massive wave that washed everyone away. The ghosts of the Iceberg Fleet disappeared and have yet to be seen again. 




The Origins of 089


  • The fleet is based on The White Fleet from TUGS.
  • The theme for the ghosts of the iceberg fleet was one of the first themes thomas fan composed on a YAMAHA 1980s' keyboard. He also composed 089's theme on this device.


Ghosts of the Iceberg Fleet Theme-0

Ghosts of the Iceberg Fleet Theme-0

The theme for the fleet