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Henry's Tunnel is a tunnel on the North Western Railway


The tunnel features three lines of track going through it. Shrubbery is seen on and around the tunnel, and it is situated between two hills in a small valley.


In Henry refused to come out of the tunnel because he was afraid that the rain would ruin his paint. The tunnel was then named Henry's Tunnel because of this.

Season 3Edit

Officer Cody and Metalchest agreed to have their forces fight to the death at the tunnel. 

A battle between Cody's army and Professor's Gang took place on the hill next to the tunnel. At one point, Cody fell onto the rails in front of the tunnel and Stan and Kate drove a truck off of the hill, crashing in front of the tunnel.

Season 4Edit



Season 3

The Ones Who Know (mentioned) • The Road to Sodor


  • The tunnel is made from a shoebox with foam in the middle to seperate the two sections.