"Not long,most of our operations haven't even been noticed yet. It's the assassin the press wants."

-Hatty to Andy

Hatty, also known as Albert, was a member of Professor's Gang.


Sometime before the third season, Hatty became a skilled mechanic. Later, he befriended the Professor and joined his gang.

Season 3 Edit

Hatty met with the other gang members in the scrapyards for their introduction to the assassin. Although the meeting was interupted by General Phoenix, Hatty escaped and survivied. 

A while after this, Andy was caught in an explosion and later joined Professor's Gang. When he did, Hatty repaired him, claiming that the gang hadn't been noticed much. He also told Andy that his real name was Albert. Hatty, along with Metalchest, Spike, and the Professor, went on a mission to kill Thomas, and succeeded. Hatty managed to disable the signal so this was possible.

Hatty will also appear in participated in the battle at Henry's Tunnel. During the battle, Hatty was knocked onto the ground and killed by Stan.


Albert got the nickname "Hatty" from his leader, because he always wore a hat. Hatty never said too much, but he was a skilled mechanic. He understood the inner workings of many pieces of technology, which allowed him to do things such as fix Andy and disable a signal.


Season 3

Attack of the Assassin (does not speak) • Down by the Docks (cameo) • The Ones Who KnowThe Road to Sodor


  • ​Hatty's name comes from the fact he wears a hat.
  • Hatty is the only member of Professor's Gang so far to have only his first name revealed. The rest either have had their first and last names revealed.

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