"This is Gold Leader, here to help Red Leader!"

-Gold Leader

Gold Leader was a mobile crane who helped the 08S.


The Origins of 089Edit

Gold leader is a mobile crane and is good friends with Ivo Hugh as they both are in british intellegence. Gold Leader made his debut in The Origins of 089 as a spy sent to investigate Tankopia for criminal activity. He saved 089 from the wrath of Goliath and assisted Ivo Hugh during his escape from a diesel fortress.

Season 2 Edit

He met up with 089 again before returning to Tankopia, to inform 089 of Charlie's death. Gold Leader then ventured to Tankopia once more, this time with Connor and his team. He sucessfully formed a blockade around a quarry to protect Connor and Ivo Hugh, and then fled to get help once they were captured. Gold Leader rescued everyone the following day and guided them to a port that night.

Although he didn't participate in the final battle of the Locomotive War, he did attend Den's funeral.


Not much is known about Gold Leader. He was very helpful however, and got 089 and Ivo Hugh out of various situations.



The Origins of 089

Season 2

DedicationThe GrudgeJourney Through the MoonlightBattle of the Brave Brothers (cameo)

Voice ActorEdit