Freddie is a narrow gauge engine that works on the Skarloey Railway.


Season 1 (Original Version)Edit

The Quest Begins (Non cannon)Edit

In his non cannon appearance, Freddie was a standard guage police engine who chased after Mr. Railway Man and Diesel, arresting them off-screen.

Season 3Edit

Chase and PointEdit

After arriving at the Transfer Yards, Abraham Cody and Freddie chased down Bertram, who was stolen by the assassin. Freddie eventually pulled Bertram out of the water at Wet Wharf after the chase ended.


Freddie and Bertram were in the Sodor Steamworks when Mr. Percival came to check up on them and said they would be getting overhauls. Freddie then met 089, and later Smudger.


In his youth, Freddie was a daredevil known for his speed and cool factor, and was dubbed "Fearless Freddie". He is much older now, but still has his charm and wits about him. He knows many shortcuts and secret lines, is always up for a challenge, and is a good friend


Season 1

The Quest Begins (non cannon)

Season 3

Chase and PointSmudger (Episode))


  • Freddie was originally portrayed with a 2008 model in season 3, but he will be portrayed with a 2013 model in all future appearances.

Voice ActorEdit