-Porter being burned by D199's Fire-arm

Fire-arms were weapons used by The Diesel Army in Quest 89.

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Season 2 Edit

D199 called Denton to the LNER Scrapyard to show him how it worked. D199 tested the weapon on Porter, who died after the testing. 089 entered to try to save Porter and gain information from a Diesel Army troop, but was pursued by D199. The latter was hit by Denton, causing the Fire-arm to burn the scrapyard instead of 089. Seeing this as a sucess, D199 mounted Fire-arms to all of his troops once the Sodor engines were captured. But before attempting to burn them, he was stopped by the 08S. All the Fire-arms were destroyed along with The Diesel Army.

Season 3 Edit

In the third season, it was revealed that the fire-arm was designed by Andy.



  • There seem to be different types of Fire-arms: D199's is short with a circular-shaped exhaust at the end, while Paxton's is long with a gear shape exhaust.
  • Norman's type of Fire-arm in Battle of the Brave Brothers is different than the one he has in Love and Magic.
  • Fire-arm is a play on the word firearm, which means gun.