"There's one way to destroy them all for good!"


Denton was the general of the Diesel Army.


Denton was originially known as Den, and he worked on Sodor, just like the other diesels. And just like the rest of the 08S, he was modified at the 08 Lab, but had his memory erased and was sent back to work. But alas, he was taken by Mr. Railway Man and was brainwashed into being the general of the Diesel Army.

Season 1 Edit

Denton, or Den, was breifly seen pulling a coal truck while Connor was talking with his friends. This happened before he became general. Den was likely spying on the engines at the time

Season 2 Edit

Denton was breifly seen again at a crossing that blocked Ivo Hugh's path.

Den was later seen at Diesel Headquarters II watching his troops leave to find Connor and his friends.

The next day, Den was attacked at the base by 089 , Lady and Gold Leader. After a short firefight, Den captured Lady and threatened to kill her if 089 came any closer, forcing him to surrender. Den's troops brought in Connor and Ivo Hugh to be scrapped the following day. Den oversaw this, but everyone managed to escape and destroy the base. Den and Mr. Railway Man barely made it out alive. This made Den furious. He launched an attack on the Island of Sodor the next day that injured many, but killed none. After this embarassing failure, D199 became general and Denton was made to do all the usual jobs. 

Den was sent a few days later to take trucks to the LNER Scrapyard . There he witnessed D199 test out the Fire-arm on Porter. That was enough for Denton. He tried standing up for himself, but he couldn't. Luckily 089 saved him, and together the two found out their true origins and purpose.

Den helped Harvey , Ivo Hugh and Frank during the last few days of the war. The four went to seek 089, who had gone missing two days ago. Once they found him, everyone had one last stand against the Diesel Army. Den made a sacrafice to destroy the whole army in one shot, and it worked. Even though the 08S had just met Den not long ago, they already missed him, and held a funeral for him the next day.

Season 3 Edit

Den's death was indirectly mentioned by Stephen Hatt.

Den was also mentioned by D199 in Andy's flashback.


Den came across as being very gruff, but this was only due to him having a cold. In reality, his voice is very squeaky. Den was in command of the Diesel Army after Diesel was killed and was a poor leader. He had bad tactics in battle, but he was good at capturing his foes, such as 089. Den later changed sides and began helping the latter after he saved his life after Den realized how corrupt D199 was becoming. After learning about what he really was, Den tried his hardest to help Ivo Hugh, Harvey and Frank escape. After seeing all that he had done wrong, Den redeemed himself by destroying the genocidal faction he worked so hard to help prosper.


Season 1

00 Hugh (cameo)

Season 2

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Season 3

Man in the Shadows (indirectly mentioned) • Personal Game (mentioned)


  • Denton (Den) was the only 08 that was a diesel
  • Den is the first character to have a change in heart, as he went from bad to good.

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