"Oh glory, what is that?"

This article contains information that has been deemed non-cannon. This means that it does not exist in the main story it originates from.

"Attack!", ATTACK!"

Connor and Diesel commanding their fleets.

Connor V.S. Diesel is the eighth episode of Quest 89.

Plot Edit

Connor has returned to Sodor and with his new friends and they attack the Diesel Headquarters. Everyone but Connor and Diesel get shot down by traps and Connor says the only way to settle this is a rap battle. Diesel does Caught up in a Dream while Connor does We Will Rock You. Connor's friend then get up, Diesel looses and flees and Connor takes the base for himself.

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  • This is the first episode to include songs, the songs in question being Caught Up in a Dream and We Will Rock You.
  • Nick has stated that this is his least favorite episode and the one he wants to remaster the most. He dislikes it so much he has deemed it noncannon.
  • Despite saying that they will have a rap battle, neither song in the episode is a rap song.


Connor V.S

Connor V.S. Diesel