"Now, I'm going on a quest."


Connor is a streamlined engine and the main character of Quest 89.


Connor was built in America sometime in the 1930s' and was later taken to the LNER Repair and Modification Yards by Charlie and Ronno. After he was given gold dust, his memory was wiped. . .

Both Caitlin and Connor ran regularly to Ulfstead Castle on Sodor via the Vicarstown Bridge. They would then bring passengers to King's Cross Station in England, and beyond.

The Origins of 089

Connor was indirectly mentioned in The Origins of 089 as the special took place three days before his arrival.

Season 1

Until a fateful day, where Connor's life was flipped upside-down! He left to find three engines who apparently tried to search for 089 in the past: Thomas, Percy, Ivo Hugh and Diesel. Diesel told his colleges, Splatter and Dodge, about 089 and it became a race to find him. Ivo Hugh got sunglasses, Connor met a rail-ship named Frank, Thomas was kidnapped and almost scrapped, A lorry used to transport engines was constructed and after all of this, Connor still had not located 089. But a bigger conspiracy was revealed: The Diesel Army .

Season 2

The latter-mentioned force consits of brainwashed and cloned diesel engines from Sodor trying to destroy all steam engines. Connor and the others were confused, until British Intellegence sent Ivo Hugh to investiagte a Diesel Army Fortress. This lead to a full assult on the Fortress with Connor expirencing the deaths of Diesel and Charlie. Connor finally decided it was time to go to The Portal. He, Harvey, Percy, Thomas, Ivo Hugh and a friend of the latter: Gold Leader. All were pursued by Splatter and Dodge, who were fought off by Harvey, who showed his Dedication to the quest to find 089. Connor and his friends fell off a cliff and back into the valley containing The Portal. They entered to find 089, but the latter appeared behind them as the left! Via The Portal, Connor and his friends travelled to 089's old railway on an island off the coast of Sodor: Tankopia, only to find that it was crawling with diesels. The Locomotive War had just begun...

Everyone split up to find 089, Connor and Ivo Hugh made one team while Thomas, Percy and Harvey made another. 089 and his girlfirend, Lady, were captured at Diesel Headquarters II, Connor and Ivo Hugh suffered the same fate later that day. It tooks some time, but they all escaped with the Help of Scruff and Gold Leader. Everyone got to Frank and they sailed to England. As the Sodor Engines' concern for Connor and the others grew, Diesels attacked! The army got bigger and bigger. stronger and stronger. Connor learned that the reason Flying Sctosman chose Connor to go with the selected engines, is because they are 08S. The 08S were modified engines made by Charlie specifically to combat the diesels. Connor lead the attack during the final battle with The Diesel Army. And with the help of Denton, a traider to the latter mentioned army, Connor and the 08S eliminated The Diesel Army and ended the Locomotive War.

Season 3

Connor, along with the other 08S, were congratulated for their victory. Connor and Ivo Hugh were then offered jobs at the Ministry of Defence. Ten years later during the assassin conflict, BoCo came to Connor and Ivo and informed them of the chaos. The two agreed to help and were offered a spot on a ship, but decided that it would be best if Frank took them to Sodor. Connor and his friends were caught in a storm and blown off course due to Frank attempting to conserve fuel.

In The Road to Sodor, Connor, Ivo and Frank were thrown around at sea, but later found by Crabbestal and the Iceberg Fleet. They eventually stumbled upon an oil rig owned by Sailor John. A battle broke out between John, Skiff, and P.T. Boomer against Connor and his friends. Connor lost his tender during the fight and later was seperated from Frank during an explosion. He woke up on a beach the next day with Ivo Hugh, confused.

Season 4



Connor is very fast and friendly, and somewhat desperate. The first sign a way to get away from scrap presented itself, he took it and ran off to find 089 to get a "magic wish". Fate had other plans however and threw Connor into the midst of war. Connor eventually learned that some things are better off not knowing, such as the past of himself and his friends. Connor may have a larger backstory than anyone else we know of, but his memory was wiped during the 08 modification. Connor became good friends with Thomas, Percy and Ivo Hugh during their adventures, especially Ivo, who Connor joined at the Ministry of Defense after the war, so he could help protect the innocent as 089 protected him. He might not be as confident as he seems...


Season 1

Crash of DestinyPreperationsLeaving the MainlandConnor, Coal and Crashes00 HughBetrayal Part 1Betrayal Part 2Connor V.S. DieselRetrieving the MapThe Quest Begins

Season 2

The Diesel ArmyDedicationThe GrudgeJourney Through the MoonlightSteam Search Part 1 (mentioned) • Steam Search Part 2Love and MagicStrike it Where it GlowsShaftedBattle of the Brave Brothers

Season 3

Man in the Shadows (doesn't speak) • Chase and PointPersonal Game (mentioned) • The Ones Who KnowThe Road to Sodor


  • In Season 1, Connor can sometimes be heard narrating the story in a first person perspective. This is becuase the original idea was for it all to be him telling his life story to somebody (the audience)
  • Connor was built in The United States of America, but was modified by Charlie to fit British loading gauge
  • Connor is the only 08 that is a tender engine
  • Connor has appeared in the every episode of Season 1.