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Here you can find essential information and updates concerning the series and wiki.

Wiki Rules Edit

  • Be kind to one another.
  • Don't make unnecessary pages for minor characters. If they have spoken at least once, then a page can be made for them.
  • When making and editing pages, try your hardest to stick with the manner of style seen on all other pages.
  • Do not add any theories or speculation to pages. Feel free to make comments and blog posts about them, but do not add them in infoboxes, pages, or categories.

Update - January 10th, 2019Edit

History sections will now be broken down into episodes, not just seasons. 089's page has already been updated to this.


Update - December 1st, 2018Edit

Hey everyone! If you haven't checked out 089's page yet, please do! A new style of page has been implomented. A series of tabs are at the top which allows people to easily go from the main page, to the relationships, to events, and to gallery. Many wikis do this and I think it will be a great way to streamline things here

Relationship and Events pages now will be a thing. Also will finally be making pages for notable events and fights.


Update - November 8th, 2018Edit

Personal Game and The Ones Who Know now have only one page each instead of ones for their separate parts, which has created tons and tons of red links, mainly those in the Appearances sections of character pages. 


Update - June 10th, 2018Edit

Human infoboxes will have capital letters for each heading now since I fixed the infobox. Same thing as the engine infoboxes from Feb 7th.


Update - May 17th, 2018Edit

Aw jeez...what a week...

That's all there is to say tbh. Editing will still continue. All of you are free to edit on this wiki as much as you like!


Update - April 26th, 2018Edit

Disregard the last update. I will still be editing during the summer, just not as much.


Update - April 15th, 2018Edit

Hey guys, Nick here! On Twitter, I said that I would be deleting my account to focus on filming. However, on the same day I delete it, I will be pausing all work on the wiki. YOU CAN STILL EDIT PAGES, I just won't be doing anything. I will focus my entire summer on filming and filming only. I will return to edit in the fall. I will also be turning off my emails so I won't be notififed when you all edit pages until the fall. When I return, expect me to tell you that episodes 31-40 have been filmed! See you soon and happy editing!


Update - February 23rd, 2018 Edit

Hey guys, Nick here! Here's a brief update of changes that have been made:

  • Pages will now have gallery pages. They can be made by creating a page with a character's name and a /Gallery. (Ex. Page = Gunner. Gallery page = Gunner/Gallery)


Update - February 7th, 2018 Edit

Hey guys, Nick here! I've noticed that people have been coming to the wiki more and I have
Editorial 2 8 2018-0

Editorial 2 8 2018-0

Editorial 2/8/2018

decided to begin doing these little updates to inform them of recent changes on this wiki.

The most recent change I've made is one with the infoboxes. Currently the ones on the engine pages now have their titles in capital letters. I've also removed the romantic interests title ,changed "built by" to "builder", and changed "job" to "Job(s)". Unfortunately, this did not fix things instantly. At the moment, all of the infoboxes say "Unknown" for each category. This can be fixed by going into the source editor and changing all of the titles so that they start with a capital letter. I'd really appreciate it if someone could do that for all of the engine pages! I can't fix all of them by myself!

Aside from that, its business as usual. I'll add a new update when its necessary. See you guys soon!