"My names' Clewp."


Clewp is a steam engine who escaped from Sodor.


Before the Locomotive War, Clewp worked on British Railways until he was sent to Sodor with Gunner by Mr. Railway Man.

The Origins of 089Edit

089 met Clewp in a goods yard. Clewp and Gunner were later captured along with 089 and were set to be executed in the Vicarstown Dieselworks, but they fought back. Clewp wielded a crossbow and gave Gunner an eyepatch after the latter lost his eye. Clewp and Gunner then saved 089 from some cannons, but the latter used a Nova Blast, which sent Clewp and Gunner flying backwards. They managed to survive though.

At some point after this, Clewp returned to England and his normal life.

Season 2Edit

Clewp appeared in 089's flashback.

Season 3 Edit

Clewp was seen on a poster at Barrow-in-Furness Station.


Not much is known about Clewp. He was a kind engine and cared for his new friends, as seen when he helped Gunner after the latter lost his eye.



The Origins of 089

Season 2

Steam Search Part 2 (cameo)

Season 3

The Ones Who Know (poster)


  • Clewp's model was a 2003 Edward with a 2003 Gordon tender. The tender later became Connor's new one, so in all future appearances, Clewp will have a different tender.
  • Clewp wielded a crossbow in a battle due to 089's Gold Dust. It is unknown if he can still wield it.

Voice ActorEdit