Charlie was the mysterious co-founder of the 08S. Much of his past and motivations are unknown.


Charlie worked at the LNER Repair and Modification Yards. He worked with his assistant, Scruff, to fix engienes and perform modifications. 

At some point, he helped Ronno and Lady establish the 08S.

The Origins of 089Edit

Charlie helped to build 089.

Season 1 Edit

When Connor needed to escape London and get to Sodor, Charlie repaired him after his accident and installed a heavier sheet of metal to protect him. Charlie's intention was to install loads of gadgets, but time was cut short.

Charlie and Scruff were kidnapped, as they knew much information about Connor. Once they were rescued, Charlie helped Connor build  the first road rail transport.

Season 2 Edit

When Connor and his friends raided a diesel base, Connor was about to be killed by Diesel. Charlie jumped  and knocked him into a pool of lava. Sadly, Charlie fell in as well. 

Later, Charlie was seen in a video recorded by Ronno. The video explained the 08S and was shown to 089 and Denton at Ronno's Facility.

Season 4Edit



Not much is known about Charlie. He mainly kept to himself and wasn't seen going on adventures with Connor, but he did prove to be a helpful ally, as he repaired Connor after his accident. Later, it was revealed that he was the cofounder of the 08S Project. He was very dedicated to the project, as he sacraficed himself just to see it have a small change to succeed. Due to his passing, it is unlikely we will learn more about him...


Season 1

PreperationsBetrayal Part 2Connor V.S. DieselRetrieving the Map (cameo)

Season 2

The Diesel ArmyLove and Magic (video)


  • Charlie was the first engine to die on screen.

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