"Look, kid, are you gonna tell me your name, or just, stand there? You're taking up a lot of track!"


Chance is a strong tank engine.


Chance was built on the Great Western Railway and modified at the 08 Lab,along with the rest of the 08S. After the project failed, his memory was wiped and he was sent to Tankopia to live a new life. He worked with Brad for a while, until 089 arrived.

The Origins of 089

Chance acted as a sort of mentor to 089 and taught him to to pull trains and shunt trucks. This information proved to be useless considering what 089 then became. The two became good friends and Chance was sad to see 089 disappear.

Season 2

Chance hid while the diesels took over Tankopia. 089 brought him and Brad to the LNER to unite with the rest of the 08S. Chance fought alongside 089 and Brad like old friends until the The Diesel Army (Faction) was destroyed. He then went back to Tankopia with his friend, Brad, to help rebuild the railway.

Season 4

Chance has been confirmed to appear in Season 4.


Chance has been shown to be very wise and someone who could be a great leader. He showed 089 how to shunt and pull trucks, strengthening him for the war. Chance may be very serious, but he also has been shown to have a fun side, as he did have fun running around on Tankopia on 089's first day with the latter and Brad.



The Origins of 089

Season 2

The Diesel Army (non-cannon cameo) Steam Search Part 2 (flashback cameo) • Shafted (doesn't speak) • Battle of the Brave Brothers (doesn't speak)


  • Chance was named after Nick (Thomasfan89)'s dog
  • Chance is one of the few characters in Quest 89 not to be voiced by Nick. He was instead voiced by TrackMfanHomer.
  • Chance's model has been remade for Season 4. His original model was turned into a scrap engine.